Prayer for rape or sexual abuse victims

When someone has been raped or sexually assaulted the damage done affects the person’s body, soul and spirit. Often times even after removing the person physically from the assaulter,  victims suffer from trauma, emotional damage, suicidal thoughts and feeling of worthlessness. Rape and abuse victims must deal with the issue as it affects their body, soul and spirit. Removing the person physically from risk, medical support for wounds sustained during the assault, ALL DEAL WITH THE BODY. Counselling, therapy sessions and psychological and psychiatric intervention, THESE DEAL WITH THE SOUL. DELIVERANCE PRAYERS ARE NEEDED TO FLUSH OUT NEGATIVE SPIRITUAL DEPOSITS TRANSFERRED DURING RAPE OR SEXUAL ABUSE AND ASSAULT. The bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:16…Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For “the two” He says shall become one flesh. If you have been raped, sodomised or sexually assaulted, please go for counselling and TALK TO SOMEONE. DO NOT HIDE IT OR DENY IT HAPPENED. OPEN UP TO A COUNSELLOR. Then embark on these prayer and fasting program for 3 days. Confess: I forgive the person that assaulted me , Holy Spirit heal my heart in Jesus name. 1) Father Lord I thank you for preserving my life and saving me from harmful thoughts and actions that the devil put in my head in Jesus name. 2) I take authority over, bind and cast out every evil carry over,  evil transfers, evil deposits spiritually and physically in my life and body in Jesus name. 3) Revelations 12:11…Says “We overcome by the blood of the lamb”. Call BLOOD OF JESUS SEVEN (7) TIMES. Flush out of my body every foul spirit that gained entrance during sexual abuse, pornography, rape, or any bad encounter in Jesus name. (Repeat this prayer 3 times) 4) Now declare according to Psalm 18: 44-45 KJV…“IT IS WRITTEN AS SOON AS THE STRANGERS HEAR OF ME, THEY COME OUT AFRAID OUT OF THEIR HIDING PLACES” Every stranger in my life, sexual demons, foul spirits, suicidal spirits, spirit of heaviness,  spirit of depression, spirit of worthlessness, spirit of sodomy and every negative spirit, I BIND YOU ALL AND CAST YOU OUT OF MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME: Repeat (CALL the name of the spirits one by one for example; Spirit of rape and sodomy OUT, OUT, OUT of my body and life in Jesus name and I send you back to hell in Jesus name; spirit of suicide and depression…..OUT, OUT OUT,  of my body and life in Jesus name and I send you back to hell in Jesus name Spirit of worthlessness and depression OUT, OUT, OUT of my body and life in Jesus name and I send you back to hell in Jesus name: Spirit of failure OUT, OUT, OUT of my body and life in Jesus name and I send you back to hell in Jesus name. ROUND-UP PRAYERS LIKE THIS: It is written in Revelations 12verse 11 I overcome by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORDS OF MY TESTIMONY ….BLOOD OF JESUS CLEANSE MY BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT IN JESUS NAME.(repeat 3 times)I DECLARE I HAVE  BEEN DELIVERED FROM EVERY EVIL WORK IN JESUS NAME. I am free, for He whom the Son has set free is free indeed. I will no longer be tormented in my mind in Jesus name. Give God QUALITY THANKSGIVING and ask the Holy Spirit to heal your heart. Busola Jegede Instagram: @jegedebusola



"One of the love languages in Gary Chapman's book 5 love languages is ACT OF SERVICE.  This means you should be ready and able to serve your spouse, run errands for him or her and, get things done for your spouse without feeling used, abused or bitter......"

When you love someone, it is always a pleasure to do something for that person. Likewise, when you need  your spouse to do somethings for you, it should not be demanded with an entitlement mentality or with a slave/master attitude.

Ask nicely, and show appreciation when the job is done. It's been our #silverjourney, (25years in marriage), and i cannot count the number of times or days that my hubby had to patiently and, sometimes in frustration zip up my dress when i am dressing up or undressing. He is always at my service even if it is not so convenient.

Acts of service for your spouse can help him or her to be able to catch up on his duties for instance if you notice that your spouse is under pressure at work or for time, offer to help in doing some duties that are lined up and getting delayed.

Examples of acts of service could be, picking up your spouses clothes from the dry cleaners' , helping out with the laundry or cooking,  getting the car fixed or picking up groceries for the home.

Husbands should not  feel unconcerned or too "African" to help out around the home and wives should get into their husbands's world to find out areas they can help out.

Be of service to your spouse today and always.


Busola Jegede

#OurSilverJourney #WeStillDo25yearslater

********************************************************************************************************* PLEASE NOTE: This is from a series of write ups under the #oursilverjourney  by Busola Jegede on her 25th Wedding anniversary  as she reflects over experiences and knowledge gotten from interactions as a marriage counsellor, Pastor and a Wife. Look out for more posts in coming days. Follow on Instagram @jegebusola Facebook: Busola Jegede Blog: #wives #husbands #women #married #marriage #wedding #weddinganniversary #25thweddinganniversary #busolajegede #brides #grooms #singles #pastors #counsellors #couples #christians



A blind spot is typically an area or subject about which one is uninformed. It is also used to describe the side that is slightly behind a driver's field of vision that is not reflected in the vehicle's rear view mirror. Your blind spot is that  area of your life which could be a contrary habit,  character or action that you cannot see or perceive negatively. We must realise that each and every one of us have a blind spot. Leaders, children, spouses or relatives may have blind spots. There is an African saying that whilst you can see the back of someone's head,  yours can be seen by another person behind you. How you react to the blind spot of your spouse is very important because the person cannot see what you are seeing. If not handled delicately, pointing out your spouses blind spot may be seen as criticism, nagging or complaining. I suggest we prayerfully address the  BLIND SPOTS in our spouses so that the Holy Spirit can take control and intervene as we tactfully and lovingly bring our spouses to realise some unpleasant things in their lives so they can make amends. Each person should also be humble enough to receive corrections in the spirit of love and progress. A driver that does not take that extra glance backwards to see what is in his blind spot before swerving or changing lanes runs the risk of colliding with another vehicle. May your marriages last in Jesus name. Shalom Busola Jegede #OurSilverJourney #WeStillDo25yearslater ******************************************************** PLEASE NOTE: This is from a series of write ups under the #oursilverjourney  by Busola Jegede on her 25th Wedding anniversary  as she reflects over experiences and knowledge gotten from interactions as a marriage counsellor, Pastor and a Wife. Look out for more posts in coming days. Follow on Instagram @jegebusola Facebook: Busola Jegede Blog: #wives #husbands #women #married #marriage #wedding #weddinganniversary #25thweddinganniversary #busolajegede #brides #grooms #singles #pastors #counsellors #couples #christians  



One of the greatest elixir for any marriage that will endure is the ability to forgive again and again.

Probably I should say willingness to forgive endlessly  rather than ability because we ALL HAVE THE ABILITY TO FORGIVE  it is the willingness that eludes some of us. When we allow the HOLY SPIRIT to lift the burden of the hurt and pain from our heart we experience the soothing Balm of Gilead.

Offences will come in marriage at one time or another. Couples can hurt  each other's feelings through words, actions and inactions.

There has to be a conscious and intentional decision by both spouses  to have UNENDING FORGIVENESS  so that the journey of the marriage is not truncated.


Busola Jegede



This is from a series of write ups under the #oursilverjourney by Busola Jegede on her 25th Wedding anniversary  as she reflects over experiences and knowledge gotten from interactions as a marriage counsellor, Pastor and a Wife. Look out for more posts in coming days.

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Opposite sometimes attract. So an introvert can be married to an extrovert. If you are married and you and your spouse differ in interests and in outlook, find a non threatening equilibrium. Adjustments are needed in marriage. Bearing in mind that areas of adjustment may differ from couple to couple, the important thing is that when we learn to accommodate  our differences it will help our marriages. I will like you to come along with me on this journey and look out for the next post. Busola Jegede #oursilverjourney #westilldo25yearslater


I welcome you to our brand new year  and prophetic word for this year is GLOBAL IMPACT. From Acts 1:8 KJV "But ye shall receive power; after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem , and in all Judaea, and in Samaria , and unto the uttermost part of the earth." In your journey of faith, as you step into this year, may there be awesome manifestations of God's glory upon your life, family and work in Jesu name. 2019 is pregnant with "MULTIPLE CONGRATULATIONS". It is a year of repeats of success. The year promises to be one of REALIGNMENT back to destiny for those who  might have missed it. RESTORATION is coming for those  who have suffered different kind of loses. WORD OF KNOWLEDGE - someone who has given up on life and accepted the lie of the devil and is ready to die, .....The Lord says there is hope fo for you. In this year of GLOBAL IMPACT, we are to affect our world positively because we are the SALT OF THE EARTH. We must take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus beyond saving lives for the kingdom or Salvation (which is necessary) to fixing national problems or anomalies.

2019 is loaded with different realities for  different people no matter where you are in your life journey.

2019 is a year of CONVERGENCE- where past seeds, deeds and endeavours will come together to propel you for a lifting.

  • It is a year of ALIGNMENT
Strategies for this year must include your ability to "TAKE TOMORROW TODAY" -Forward looking, Forward thinking, Proactive spiritually and physically. Remember the lessons that came your way intentionally or unintentionally in 2018. Reflect over your life in the past years.
  • Whatever were your greatest achievement? Focus on them more in 2019.
  • Who were those that impacted on you or inspired you? Align more with them in 2019.
  • What mistakes did you make in 2018, make sure it does not happen again.
  • Where did you fail in 2018? Purpose to work on your weakness.
In 2019, may you have unusual relevance, uncommon favours and divine lifting in Jesus name.

Welcome to October, our month of flourishing.

Psalm 92:12 “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon” God has refreshed us from last month but, now we are flourishing!!! Hallelujah!!! Psalm 92: 12-14 “… 12 The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; 13 planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. 14 They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green…” This month, our feet will be planted in the house of the Lord and, as our feet are planted in His house, we will be refreshed and shall flourish in Jesus mighty palmtree name. Our spouse, children, families, jobs, businesses, daughters of destiny will flourish in the name of Jesus. I decree in this new month that  lines will fall for us in pleasant places in Jesus mighty name. I prophesy into this month October and to our nation Nigeria, there will be no calamity, in the name of Jesus. I prophesy in the name of Jesus,that as we round up with the last quarter of this year 2018, we will finish strong in the name of Jesus. Amen Shalom Busola Jegede

Season of Refreshing

Text: Act 3:19 (King James Version)  Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. Have you been hiding from God? Do a spiritual house cleaning so you can have a free heart and mind. Every time you see your selves hiding from God, It’s time to return to God for forgiveness and to receive a refreshing in your Spirit. You cannot receive from God when you continue to live in sin. WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU ARE REFRESHED • Refreshing bring about new energy • Refreshing brings about memory stimulation, fresh ideas come to you • You are a beauty to behold when you are restored and refreshed. • A fresh word from God is a blessing • Refreshing brings about favour. • Refreshing brings about intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Intimacy with God puts us at an advantage as the secret place of God is a place of power. You will have power over all challenging circumstances. Intimacy with God unlocks mysteries. In the journey of life, we are beaten, tired and may get spent but, the times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord. In the presence e of the Lord there is fullness of Joy, there refreshing. Brethren, I beseech you to go to the well of refreshing, go to the presence of the Lord and be refreshed for greater heights and a new beginning. Shalom By Busola Jegede

Lift in Purpose

Our prophetic word for the month of August  was Psalm 3:3  "For thou o Lord are a shield for me my Glory and the lifter of my head". 

It’s our season of divine cover and God is our shield.  Now, how is God our shield?

  • God is our shield, a form of protection, a defence against the fiery dart and arrows of the enemy. Our God will shield us from our enemies in the name of Jesus.
  • God’s shield can be a form of favour. Psalm 5:12. God’s favour will work for you and your families in Jesus name.
  • Deut. 33:29. Help is the capacity you need that may be in the hands of someone else. This help takes you from where you are to where you need to be. God will release help for us where we need it in the name of Jesus.
  • The Glory of God is the very presence of God. His Glory will rise upon our situation in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 60:1
  • Job 29:22 Things may be happening to people around you but there is a lifting up. This is the response of a believer. God will lift up our head against shame, debt, sickness and depression in the name of Jesus.

   Lift in purpose.  The Key scripture is Jeremiah 1:5

  • You have a purpose on earth. God has brought you here to achieve purpose. There is something more inside of you.  Your life is more than what you think and do. 
  • What is purpose? The purpose of something is the reason for which that thing exist. The purpose for your life is the goal , reason, desired result of what you have come to do by God. Before you were born, God has already given you a destiny mandate.  Your purpose is your assignment on earth. Jesus had a life description in Isaiah 9:6-7. Luke 2:34, Luke 1:13-17 are examples of the purpose of the saints. 
  • They all had theirs written in the scriptures. Discovery God’s purpose for our life should be a paramount assignment and not for making money.  If you are making money and you have not discovered purpose , your are not yet fulfilled.
  • Align with people who are walking on the same purpose as you are. When you are walking in purpose everyday is fresh. It is about living a life of fulfilment.

Indicators of not walking in purpose.

  • Lack of fulfilment despite comfort
  • Restlessness
  • Lack of impact
  • Confusion
  • Going round in circles

Discovering God’s purpose should be a paramount assignment. And  if you have discovered purpose, walking in it and improving on your walk, living a life of purpose should be your goal.You were not created a man or a woman by mistake. There is a purpose for your gender and your being which had been predetermined by God. 

Purpose Indicators are as follows:

  • Having a strong burden
  • Experiences (positive or negative experiences can ignite purpose)
  • Revelation in the place of prayers
  • Talents and gifts
  • Dreams of purpose being revealed

How to start on the lane of  purpose: 

  • Discover your Purpose
  • Organise, Polish and Package your Purpose
  • Deploy it for mankind,
  • Go for TRAINING in line WITH your Purpose
  • Acquire Relevant SKILLS
  • Be Disciplined
  • Be Teachable
  • Be focused
  • Be matured
  • Improving your self
  • Preparation, spiritual, social, emotional, mental and intellectual maturity.
  • Position yourself by adding value to your life like new skills
  • Recognise potential, have the spirit of discernment
  • Do not sway under pressure.

Issues to note when pursuing your purpose

  • Your character can jeopardise your purpose
  • God can give you a purpose but, it is your responsibility to train yourself.
  • You may need a job to sustain your lifestyle, when living in purpose.
  • Have a balance in life, as purpose keeps you busy.
  • You may need a mentor for your life purpose.

Always note that God is a progressive revealer of purpose.

Birthing  purpose may come with a lot of fears , worry, discouragement, disappointment  and uncertainty. This is just like when a baby is about to come out of the womb the mother experiences  pain and discomfort.For that purpose, calling or gifting in your life, you must guard it diligently to fruition and success, because that vision is an assignment from God.

Shalom, Busola Jegede

Influence or Control

Any first class cabin passenger is certainly privileged. So many privileges in that part of the plane yet, there is a limit to the influence of this affluent passenger in the plane. In the cockpit, the pilot is the boss, no matter who is on board except of course the plane has been hijacked! Sometimes we are in a place where we are privileged and we are respected, close to authorities yet, we want to take over from the legitimate and rightful leader. Though leaders should not shun suggestions or ideas as well as frank opinions, it should be realised that no one should just use his or her privileged position as an excuse to take control. In the cockpit, the pilot is the boss. When he says  buckle your seat belt, no one is exempted. Even if you are the director of 10 companies and you are on board the plane, you will obey the captain's instructions.  Influence should not become control. #knowyourlimits. Your first class ticket does not give you the right to tell the PILOT which button to press in the cockpit. #knowyourlimits- Busola Jegede