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Influence or Control

Any first class cabin passenger is certainly privileged. So many privileges in that part of the plane yet, there is a limit to the influence of this affluent passenger in the plane.

In the cockpit, the pilot is the boss, no matter who is on board except of course the plane has been hijacked!

Sometimes we are in a place where we are privileged and we are respected, close to authorities yet, we want to take over from the legitimate and rightful leader. Though leaders should not shun suggestions or ideas as well as frank opinions, it should be realised that no one should just use his or her privileged position as an excuse to take control.

In the cockpit, the pilot is the boss. When he says  buckle your seat belt, no one is exempted. Even if you are the director of 10 companies and you are on board the plane, you will obey the captain’s instructions.  Influence should not become control. #knowyourlimits.

Your first class ticket does not give you the right to tell the PILOT which button to press in the cockpit. #knowyourlimits- Busola Jegede

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