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Text:(LUKE 9:10-17 CEV)
Jesus performed the miracle of MULTIPLICATION when he turned 2 fish and 5 loaves bread into a huge number that fed 5000 and still left 12 baskets as left over.
Certainly, the anointing and miracle working power of our Lord Jesus Christ was responsible for this miracle and Jesus himself said “GREATER WORKS SHALL WE DO IN HIS NAME.” Luke 9:16 says Jesus took the 5 loaves and two fishes and looking up to heaven, he blessed them and broke them then gave his disciples.

JESUS, no doubt anointed, demonstrated the principle of ORDERLINESS in performing this particular miracle. The account of the feeding of the 500 in Matthew 14:19 and John 6: 10 only recorded Jesus telling the people to sit down, but this account in Luke 9:14 brings in an extra detailed information that Jesus said they should sit down in GROUPS OF FIFTY. The people were divided into little groups of common interest and they became teams with a focus. The principle of ORDER is very critical to us achieving success in life. Due to the fact that the people were orderly, they could distribute the food effectively and gather fragments that amounted to 12 baskets. When you are organized, you avoid wastage and prevent loss.

As a man or woman, group, church and even as a nation, we need put ORDER in our lives if we want to see progress. A common denominator of advanced countries is order. There cannot be high productivity in a state of disorder or confusion. Potential cannot be maximized in a state of chaos and disorderliness; efficiency cannot be high when one is not following a well laid out structure.
Particularly as women we are the ones that mould the destinies of future generations. If we do not have order in our lives and teach our children, then society will be filled with lawless people that are difficult to tame and shape.

Your life as a woman must have order first before you can affect others because you cannot give what you do not have. From the time you wake up in the morning have a routine you follow. Pray first, study your bible, plan your day, exercise and set the day in motion.
Learn to organise your thoughts, have a way of capturing ideas, thoughts and insights that you have. Either in a notebook, Ipad, phone etc. Then you can develop them and even write a book. That was how I wrote my first book in 2007. A lady walked up to me after I finished ministering and said all these things you keep telling us why dont you write it in a book.To date to the glory of God I have written 10 books.
Put order to your finance. Have a budget and stick to it. Avoid impulsive buying and learn to save.

The ambience of our home will determine the feeling you create. Organse your home to avoid clutter and heaps of clothes, toys thrown around and a dirty environment. Even if you have a challenge with house keeping, train your chidren to clean up after themseves.
Have order in you kitchen, have large containers and storage boxes, dish drainers and cutlery containers,racks and other gadgets that help to create an orderly environment in our kitchen.

This is so important as research has shown that children who have structure in their lives end up succeeding in life and will lead those who are disorderly. It is not the most brilliant children that end up being the most successful. But those who are determined and organized.
Teach children the importance of order in their lives. The first thing in the morning should not be to watch cartoons or go on the computer, IPad or tablet to tweet or go on Facebook and Insatangram but to pray, make their bed and take care of their room and immediate surrounding even if there is a hired help in the house. We must assign daily responsibilities to our children such as emptying the dust bins, watering the plants, washing the cars etc. This helps to instill a sense of responsibility in our children.

When you better organise your shop or  business, your career there will be increase. Arrange your business in such a way that it expresses an atmosphere of invitation, neatness and trade. Groom your staff to follow this daily. your customers must like what they see because the first impressions matters.

Peace, love and joy.

‘Busola Jegede.

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