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One of the greatest elixir for any marriage that will endure is the ability to forgive again and again.

Probably I should say willingness to forgive endlessly  rather than ability because we ALL HAVE THE ABILITY TO FORGIVE  it is the willingness that eludes some of us. When we allow the HOLY SPIRIT to lift the burden of the hurt and pain from our heart we experience the soothing Balm of Gilead.

Offences will come in marriage at one time or another. Couples can hurt  each other’s feelings through words, actions and inactions.

There has to be a conscious and intentional decision by both spouses  to have UNENDING FORGIVENESS  so that the journey of the marriage is not truncated.


Busola Jegede



This is from a series of write ups under the #oursilverjourney by Busola Jegede on her 25th Wedding anniversary  as she reflects over experiences and knowledge gotten from interactions as a marriage counsellor, Pastor and a Wife. Look out for more posts in coming days.

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