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“One of the love languages in Gary Chapman’s book 5 love languages is ACT OF SERVICE.  This means you should be ready and able to serve your spouse, run errands for him or her and, get things done for your spouse without feeling used, abused or bitter……”

When you love someone, it is always a pleasure to do something for that person. Likewise, when you need  your spouse to do somethings for you, it should not be demanded with an entitlement mentality or with a slave/master attitude.

Ask nicely, and show appreciation when the job is done. It’s been our #silverjourney, (25years in marriage), and i cannot count the number of times or days that my hubby had to patiently and, sometimes in frustration zip up my dress when i am dressing up or undressing. He is always at my service even if it is not so convenient.

Acts of service for your spouse can help him or her to be able to catch up on his duties for instance if you notice that your spouse is under pressure at work or for time, offer to help in doing some duties that are lined up and getting delayed.

Examples of acts of service could be, picking up your spouses clothes from the dry cleaners’ , helping out with the laundry or cooking,  getting the car fixed or picking up groceries for the home.

Husbands should not  feel unconcerned or too “African” to help out around the home and wives should get into their husbands’s world to find out areas they can help out.

Be of service to your spouse today and always.


Busola Jegede

#OurSilverJourney #WeStillDo25yearslater



This is from a series of write ups under the #oursilverjourney  by Busola Jegede on her 25th Wedding anniversary  as she reflects over experiences and knowledge gotten from interactions as a marriage counsellor, Pastor and a Wife. Look out for more posts in coming days.

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