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Proverbs 29 v 18,  Jeremiah 29 v 11

What is a vision

  • Vision is a goal, a dream of future achievements or accomplishments, it is a mental picture or image of what you desire to achieve.
  • Vision is the capacity to see farther than your eyes can look.

Nature of a God ordained vision

  • VISION IS SPIRITUAL, you conceive it in your heart and it resides in your spirit.
  • Vision is the desire in man for supernatural implantation into destiny. To enter destiny your vision must be sound. Men become relevant and are only remembered when they make a mark in life which is when they make a success of their vision and fulfill their destiny. Eg Steve Jobs, Apostle Paul. etc
  • An effective vision should be a SOLUTION PROVIDER and solve life’s problem eg vision of schools, hospitals etc
  • A vision is a DIVINE PLATFORM and a WEAPON for us to take the kingdoms of this world  for God- Rev 11 v15 – The 7th angel sounded and there were loud voices in heaven saying – the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ,   take the kingdom of fashion, education, politics – Nations will only change when people step into their vision.
  • There are many people in Nigeria today that God has given the vision and burden of rebuilding this nation like Nehemiah – fore runner visions Martin Luther before Obama.
  •  A vision will be a yardstick of accountability eg parable of talents Matthew 25 v 14- 30 When God endows you or empowers you it is for you to fulfill his vision – Jeremiah 1 v 5 – God ordained us for a purpose, He directs us towards the purpose by  painting the picture of that purpose in the vision He gives us.
  • Your vision can outlive you if you articulate, interprete and process it well by setting up systems, procedures and raising people for it.
  • Around every great leader is a potential future leader Joshua was around Moses, Elisha poured water on Elijah’s hands.

Habakkuk 2v2-3

These fundamental steps, principles are rules and regulations that have been tested for your vision to come alive:

  • STEP 1: DOCUMENTATION – Write down your vision, document it. When you write it down you can work on it. It becomes a seed.
  • Formalize it, give it a name,  register the name as soon as possible, you may need to get Trustees or Directors seek legal opinion
  • STEP 2- MAKE IT PLAIN: Simplify it, break it down to achievable plans and goals ie 1 year goal, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Set goals for your vision and your health you need a healthy body to carry a blossoming vision.
  • STEP 3- MAKE IT PLAIN UPON THE TABLET THAT HE MAY RUN- Make it participatory, communicate it in such a way that others can be part of it. Write out the vision statements, register the name, get trustees, involve others, shared vision etc
  • STEP 4- APPOINTED TIME- Find out your own season or timing. Do not copy  others but celebrate them, it is a confirmation that your own time will come.
  • STEP 5 – IT SHALL SPEAK – There are three stages in a vision when God is speaking, when you are speaking and when the vision is speaking.
  • STEP 6- PATIENCE: THOUGH IT TARRIES WAIT – Waiting carries weight, food crops and cash crops have different waiting times. Wait on it, wait for it. Waiting is different from procrastination.


  • Vision without action is a dream – Weber
  • Action without vision is passing time
  • Vision + Action make impact
  • When vision looks inwards it is a duty – Stephen Wyse
  • Aspiration is vision looking inwards
  • When vision looks upwards it is faith.

Actualise your vision – put action plans in place i.e enquiries, visits, programmes, to be done with  timelines and deadlines.

  • Go out and find locations whether you have money or not. When you find a place and you know what you need to get it, start praying and looking for help.
  • Set a target date to start and start working towards it.


  1. Ezekiel 1 v 1 – Lord release visions about my life, marriage and destiny in Jesus name.
  2. Ezekiel 1:2- Oh Lord let your hand be upon my vision in Jesus name.
  3. Mark 8 v 23 – 24 – Every blurred, unclear and confused vision that I have receive clarity in Jesus name.
  4. Matt 2 v 14 – Every spirit of Herod that kills visions in infancy, I resist you,  my vision will not be aborted in Jesus name.
  5. You my vision come alive now in Jesus name.
  6. Oh Lord let my vision speak in Jesus name.
  7. My vision receive the power of resurrection now in Jesus name.
  8. My vision be delivered from satanic attacks in Jesus name.





PROV 29 V 18, JER 29 V 11

What is a vision: Vision is a goal, a dream of future achievements or accomplishments, it is a mental picture or image of what you desire to achieve.

  • A vision is  a DUTY, a calling, an assignment by God.
  • A vision is a vehicle to your destiny, if you do not fulfill it you will not be fulfilled in life.
  • A God ordained vision is for the benefit of humanity eg a school, hospital.
  • In Genesis 1 v 26-28-  God’s vision for humanity –fruitfulness, multiplication and dominion.
  • In Luke 1 v 31-33, God revealed the vision for Mary to birth the Savior of the world.
  • In v 34, Mary said how shall this happen, like a lot of us that are concerned about how we will fulfill our visions. Where will I get money, resources etc
  • In   v 35 the empowerment came by the HOLY GHOST.  The holy thing – I prophesy to your life every HOLY THING that you are ordained to birth shall be manifested by fire in Jesus name.
  • God always empowers you for your vision, He has deposited in everyone the talents, abilities and opportunities are created for your vision to be fulfilled.
  • Luke 1 v36- 39 –Vision must cause you to arise. Seek people going in the same direction as you, that will add to or improve your vision, that you can learn from. Stop following people that pull you down or are competing with you they will reduce you.
  • V36 , 39 – When you are carrying a vision, always align and associate with people who are of like mind, so you can learn and have help along the way. Get a mentor, a loyal prayer partner etc.
  • V 40- 41 – when you carry the fresh fire your voice is anointed, when you speak to people there will be a transfer of anointing, remember that in  v35, Mary had been  filled with the Holy Ghost and power.
  • v 41 – When the fresh fire is upon you, you rub off on others. People will buy into your vision. As you speak deep will be calling unto deep.
  • V 42- Elizabeth by the Holy ghost knew that Mary was pregnant – revelation about your vision is by fresh fire of the HG.
  • V 43- Elizabeth had revelation about the identity of the baby , when you align with the right people for your vision, there will be spiritual connection and confirmation.
  • V45- Elizabeth knew that Mary had received by faith.
  •  V46- Mary praised before she had an evidence.
  • Every good vision is always attacked because of the potential of the vision – Jesus was attacked, 1 Cor 2v8 says if they knew, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.
  • How come some people never achieve their God ordained visions on earth? – Lack of clarity, focus, confusion, procrastination,  vision killers e.g Herod, spiritual attack.


  1. Oh Lord let the fresh fire begin to explode divine visions in my heart in Jesus name,
  2. Let the anointing make me go higher to the next level in Jesus name.
  3. Acts 1 v 8 – Power to conceive visions,
  4. Power to conceptualise
  5. Power to act, align, birth purpose, birth new things, to push thru and endure delivery
  6. Receive grace, power to break through.

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