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That fateful day when David wanted to bring in the ark to Jerusalem, there was so much excitement in the air. 1Chronicles 13: 7-8 gives a vivid account of the fanfare: The sacred chest was still at Abinadab’s house,  and when David and the crowd arrived there, they brought the chest outside and placed it on a new ox cart. Abinadab’s sons Uzzah and Ahio guided the cart,  while David and the crowd danced and sang praises to the [Lord] with all their might. They played music on small harps and other stringed instruments, and on tambourines, cymbals, and trumpets. (1 CHRONICLES 13:7, 8 CEV)

Suddenly the oxen stumbled and out of reflex probably, Uzzah reached out to steady the ark and he was struck down. The day turned dark and ugly and the excitement quenched abruptly.The ark  was abandoned in the house of Obededom and everyone went away to tell a tale of unpleasant happenings to those awaiting the ark in Jerusalem. After three months, news reached David that the ark had brought much prosperity to Obededom and his household and then David gathered men again to bring back the ark and they did so successfully this time.

Whenever we experience failure, the tendency is to back out. Go into our shell, withdraw or even go into depression. Though we may need time to heal but we need to summon up courage and try again wherever we have failed. But like David did in 1Chronicles 15:15, he identified the reason for the failure and he addressed the issue correctly the second time. The ark was not supposed to have been carried on a cart but on the shoulders of the Levites!!!

Like David you need to IDENTIFY WHERE YOU FAILED. David called together these six Levites and the two priests, Zadok and Abiathar.  He said to them, “You are the leaders of the clans in the Levi tribe. You and your relatives must first go through the ceremony to make yourselves clean and acceptable to the [Lord]. Then you may carry the sacred chest that belongs to the [Lord] God of Israel and bring it to the place I have prepared for it.  The first time we tried to bring the chest to Jerusalem, we didn’t ask the [Lord] what he wanted us to do. He was angry with us, because you Levites weren’t there to carry the chest.”  The priests and the Levites made themselves clean. They were now ready to carry the sacred chest  on poles that rested on their shoulders, just as the [Lord] had told Moses to do. David then told the leaders to choose some Levites to sing and play music on small harps, other stringed instruments, and cymbals. (1 CHRONICLES 15:11-16 CEV)

If you have missed it, lost it or abandoned your purpose, you need to find your way back to God. If you have dropped out of school, joined the wrong group, gone into drugs, made a mistake in your life by going into a wrong relationship, abandoned your family its time to get back on the right track. God is waiting on you to support you and empower you as you make your way back.  Reconnect back to God and your divine purpose. Just like the prodigal son, mercy is waiting for you, honor has been reserved for you. If that project failed before, go try again and note the lessons you learnt from your earlier experience.

Israel was in bondage for 40 years but got reconnected. The prodigal son lived a riotous life but got reconnected. Moses hid in the Midian desert keeping Jethro’s flock but got reconnected to his purpose. No matter where and how you failed you can try again and have victory in Jesus name. Whatever projects you abandoned can always be revived and successfully completed in Jesus name.


Busola Jegede

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  • Emem Nwogwugwu Reply

    This is blessed me. God bless you Apostle.

    February 13, 2014 at 1:00 pm

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