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In Matthew 14:1, the bible says Herod heard of the fame of Jesus. This year your beauty will be heard of globally in Jesus name.

In verse 2 of Matthew 14 we read the account of how Herod was being hunted by the ghost of John the Baptist. When he heard of the fame of Jesus, he said this is John the Baptist risen from the dead. Can I prophesy to someone in this year of Absolute Possibility that no matter the limitations or battles the enemy has planned just as Herod could not kill the message of John the Baptist though he beheaded him, you will be unstoppable in Jesus name.

Herod realized that though he killed the person of John the Baptist he could not kill HIS MESSAGE.

In verse 8 of Matthew 14 we read of Herod’s dilemma at the evil request of Herodia’s daughter: Give me the head of John the Baptist in a charger. Today I decree that any situation asking for your head, the head of marriage, the head of your ministry, will not prosper in Jesus name.

When the head is off, the crown is lost. So it is a year of deep sensitivity. Due to the glorious destiny that you have you need to guard your head. To step out this year your steps must be ordered by God.

Herodias was a patient, unrepentant and relentless enemy. This year we will not fall into the hands of people with evil patience in Jesus name.

Our lot/fate, the lot of our spouses and children will not be determined by the enemy of our souls in Jesus name.

Matthew 14:13 says when Jesus heard of what had happened to John the Baptist he retreated by himself. Whenever we see storms on our way we need to seek God for strength, refire and move on with our assignment. The death of John the Baptist could have discouraged Jesus if he was not focused on his assignment.

In the course of this Jesus performed the miracle of feeding 5,000 men besides men & children.

In Matthew 14:25-31 , Jesus went onto them walking on the sea. Jesus was demonstrating, revealing by action a new dimension of the super natural that was available for the disciples to tap into.

Jesus went unto them, he was reaching out to the disciples, communicating to them something profound. Someone reading this, Jesus has been reaching out to you- giving you visions, ideas, thoughts that seem lofty, seemingly unachievable. No matter what height God is calling you to this year, He has already gone ahead of you. Before Jesus told Peter to step out of the boat he himself had walked on the water. Jesus had already walked on the waters of that big idea or vision He put in your heart so do not be afraid.

The major limitation that will keep you is FEAR. Like the disciples who saw Jesus walking on water became afraid, fear will try to stop you from stepping out to your absolute possibilities.

Matthew 14 Verse 27-28 says Jesus spoke out to them, Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid. Peter asked for confirmation that if it was Jesus he should ask him to come. Jesus answered him in the affirmative, PETER INDEED WALKED ON WATER.

What made Peter stand out from the other eleven and what made him step out.

1) Absolute trust in Jesus’ command or instruction. Peter did not go at the suggestion of other disciples, he double checked with Jesus and he stepped out. This year trust the WORD of GOD released to you and ACT ON IT.


When Peter stepped out he knew that humanly speaking one would sink when on water, but by experience and his walk with Jesus he knew he had the power to do the miraculous.

Rather than allow the fear of seeing Jesus walking on water and mistaking him for a spirit to make him cower or hide, he cashed in on it and stepped out.

This year recognize your MIRACULOUS moment where you will ride on your fears, storms and weaknesses and translate them into stepping stones to greatness.

If your land lord is throwing you out, it is time to ride on it and build your own house. If you are losing that job it is time to ride on it and start your vision.

You need to STEP OUT.

In verse 29 Jesus said come. The Lord is calling someone here to come step out of that comfort zone, this year 2016 come up higher, come apart and be with God. Do not let fear limit you; remember Jesus has walked on your waters before he told you to step out. The bridges have been built, the boat is waiting for you by the river, the brook is waiting, the ravens have been instructed, the widow has been commanded, do not hold back.

The boisterous sea will not consume you because you will ride over it.

Psalm 90:17, says let the beauty of the Lord God be upon us and establish the works of our hands.

This year we have been beautified to STEP OUT to the world.

  • Step out to Absolute Possibility
  • Step out to Greatness
  • Step out and begin to do that which God has called you to do.

Strength has been released to you. Be courageous. Strength and courage backed up by your faith will make you unstoppable.

This year DARE to be different.

DARE to speak.

Dare to stand up with God and be counted for Christ.

As you step out, go in the might of God, in humility, in holiness & righteousness.

Never neglect the one who called you to step out.

Have a deeper walk with the Holy Spirit, listen out for His voice.

Never ever look at the boisterous storm. Do not allow the devil to distract you from your divine assignment.

No matter the weight of your anointing, promises, power and investment, if you do not step out there will be no manifestation.

Busola Jegede

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