Prayer for rape or sexual abuse victims

When someone has been raped or sexually assaulted the damage done affects the person’s body, soul and spirit. Often times even after removing the person physically from the assaulter,  victims suffer from trauma, emotional damage, suicidal thoughts and feeling of worthlessness. Rape and abuse victims must deal with the issue as it affects their body, soul and spirit. Removing the person physically from risk, medical support for wounds sustained during the assault, ALL DEAL WITH THE BODY. Counselling, therapy sessions and psychological and psychiatric intervention, THESE DEAL WITH THE SOUL. DELIVERANCE PRAYERS ARE NEEDED TO FLUSH OUT NEGATIVE SPIRITUAL DEPOSITS TRANSFERRED DURING RAPE OR SEXUAL ABUSE AND ASSAULT. The bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:16…Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For “the two” He says shall become one flesh. If you have been raped, sodomised or sexually assaulted, please go for counselling and TALK TO SOMEONE. DO NOT HIDE IT OR DENY IT HAPPENED. OPEN UP TO A COUNSELLOR. Then embark on these prayer and fasting program for 3 days. Confess: I forgive the person that assaulted me , Holy Spirit heal my heart in Jesus name. 1) Father Lord I thank you for preserving my life and saving me from harmful thoughts and actions that the devil put in my head in Jesus name. 2) I take authority over, bind and cast out every evil carry over,  evil transfers, evil deposits spiritually and physically in my life and body in Jesus name. 3) Revelations 12:11…Says “We overcome by the blood of the lamb”. Call BLOOD OF JESUS SEVEN (7) TIMES. Flush out of my body every foul spirit that gained entrance during sexual abuse, pornography, rape, or any bad encounter in Jesus name. (Repeat this prayer 3 times) 4) Now declare according to Psalm 18: 44-45 KJV…“IT IS WRITTEN AS SOON AS THE STRANGERS HEAR OF ME, THEY COME OUT AFRAID OUT OF THEIR HIDING PLACES” Every stranger in my life, sexual demons, foul spirits, suicidal spirits, spirit of heaviness,  spirit of depression, spirit of worthlessness, spirit of sodomy and every negative spirit, I BIND YOU ALL AND CAST YOU OUT OF MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME: Repeat (CALL the name of the spirits one by one for example; Spirit of rape and sodomy OUT, OUT, OUT of my body and life in Jesus name and I send you back to hell in Jesus name; spirit of suicide and depression…..OUT, OUT OUT,  of my body and life in Jesus name and I send you back to hell in Jesus name Spirit of worthlessness and depression OUT, OUT, OUT of my body and life in Jesus name and I send you back to hell in Jesus name: Spirit of failure OUT, OUT, OUT of my body and life in Jesus name and I send you back to hell in Jesus name. ROUND-UP PRAYERS LIKE THIS: It is written in Revelations 12verse 11 I overcome by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORDS OF MY TESTIMONY ….BLOOD OF JESUS CLEANSE MY BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT IN JESUS NAME.(repeat 3 times)I DECLARE I HAVE  BEEN DELIVERED FROM EVERY EVIL WORK IN JESUS NAME. I am free, for He whom the Son has set free is free indeed. I will no longer be tormented in my mind in Jesus name. Give God QUALITY THANKSGIVING and ask the Holy Spirit to heal your heart. Busola Jegede Instagram: @jegedebusola
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