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God is set to bring about a newness in your life.

The Contemporary English Version of Isaiah 43: 18-19 says

“ I am creating something new, there it is, do you see it? I have put roads in deserts, streams in thirsty lands. There it is, there is something new out there but do you see it?”.

You may not see it in the physical but it will surely spring forth. I am challenging you to see with your eyes of faith what God is doing in your life.

The channel of vision is not limited to the human eyes only. What can you see in your heart, what do you see in your imagination, what is the picture of your dreams? Leonardo Da Vinci said the secret to his creative genius was his ability, ‘to know how to see’.

In Jeremiah 1:11, the Lord asked the Prophet in a vision,  “What do you see, Jeremiah?”

He answered, “A branch of almonds that ripen early.” (Jeremiah 1:11 CEV)

The Lord is asking you the same question. Do you see yourself flourishing?, Do you see yourself blossoming?

I am declaring into your life that it is spring and it’s time for you to flourish. Many of us are familiar with the spring season; it comes in after the long hard and cold winter, then you see the trees sprouting with new leaves, the flowers blossoming again, and the sunlight streaming in. It is always a refreshing season, a season you gladly welcome after the winter.


We must be able to see this newness, this springing forth, not only with our physical eyes, but with new eyes.

We must see with: the eyes of possibility, the eyes of faith, the eyes of love, the eyes that see beyond the obvious, the eyes that see through the heart of God, the eyes that see beyond the visible, the eyes that see what is higher than the highest mountain, the eyes that see the joy embedded in thick misery and sorrow, the eyes that see  new cities emerging from the ruins of a war torn nation and like Ephesians 1:18 says, we must see with the eyes of understanding which enables us to know our calling and purpose in life.

Today we must sharpen the eyes of our spirit which cannot be limited by time and space. How do you see yourself? I urge you to see yourself in the fullness of your potential, see yourself soaring high, higher than any limitation. See yourself as God has made you, fearfully and wonderfully, see yourself in the enabling and propelling power of the Glory of God which is risen upon you. See yourself unstoppable by the darkness in the land or the gross darkness upon the people, and see yourself being lifted by the hand of God as His glory is immensely visible upon your life.

Today I urge you to see the ‘WHO’ that you are; see  ‘WHY’ you are here; see ‘WHAT’  you are here to do. See the best in yourself and the possibilities of your potential.

The entrance of the Word of God brings light and understanding. WHAT DO YOU SEE?


Busola Jegede
















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