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Elimelech made a terrible decision in Ruth 1:1-2. He moved his family from Bethlehem to Moab in the time of famine. That decision became a fatal one as the lives of three family members were lost including that of Elimelech. The two sons later died after the got married.

When Naomi assessed her situation, she was able to recognize A CHANGE IN THE SEASON. In Ruth 1:22 the bible says she returned to Bethlehem in the beginning of the barley harvest.

A woman has the capacity and grace to bring restoration where there have been errors or mistakes have been made in the family; it is the woman that usually picks up the pieces and tries to hold the family together.

God made a woman to be a help meet for the man. Where there was a loss, Noami girded up the loins of her life. She did not mind that she will be ridiculed infact she ridiculed herself before anyone could ridicule her by saying Call me “Mara”.

She was a woman who decided to MOVE PAST her pain, she was ready to give her DESTINY a push and no wonder she recovered the LINEAGE relevance and remembrance for her family by arranging for Ruth to marry Boaz.

Due to a woman who decided to “Fix” the mistake made by her husband, Obed was born. Obed was the father of Jesse and Jesse gave birth to David. Our Lord Jesus came from the lineage of David. Jesus is called the ROOT OF JESSE.

Wives, next time you are disappointed because of a poor decision your husband made, especially if it led to a loss, ask God to give you the grace and capacity to bring about restoration.

This is not encouraging men to be slothful or careless. But the journey of a marriage can be so difficult sometimes when you do not have the eyes of your understanding enlightened so as to know why you are called a HELP MEET. Elimelech made a decision that took his own life, so if he had the benefit of hindsight he probably would not have moved.

I pray that the Lord will grant you every grace you need to step in where your husband has a deficiency. May you have the wisdom to mend relationships broken by your husband like Abigail did. You are uniquely designed by God to be a SOLUTION PROVIDER.

As you fix the broken pieces of your marriage, God will give you more grace and open on to you more effectual doors.

Do not be bitter, angry or complain about your husband’s failures or weaknesses. JUST FIX IT IF YOU CAN.


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